We care about your privacy

We care about your privacy

For any web site that collects user data, privacy policy notice is a document that informs users on, how the site or company behind the site gathers, manages and uses their data.

Most ecommerce site will require users to provide: Name, email address, physical address, and credit card information. Some go further to request date of birth, social security number, driving license or ID number and some financial record related data.

For anyone wanting to buy online, having to disclose all these personal information can be a great deterrent. Besides the security challenge (covered in previous post [link]), there’s a real privacy issue at stake for online shopping.

Here are some polls on how important privacy policies are to users:

According to Forrester Research, 90% of Americans want the ability to control the collection and use of their data.

According to the Pew survey, 86% of Internet users favor opt-in privacy policies.

We are watching out for you

We are watching out for you

Like we explained in the previous post, people want to know that their personal information is safe; they want to know that their data will not end up in a hand of potential criminals. People also want to know what information is gathered directly or indirectly from them when they visit a shopping site. People want to know how information is gathered from them; they want to be sure that shopping sites are not secretly sniffing their data.

With a lot of talk on, major web site selling users data to advertisers and marketers, potential online shoppers are naturally worried that buying something online will open the floodgate of companies targeting them with commercials. A 2000 FTC report on privacy online found that most did not meet the standard set in the FTC Principles.  Things have been gradually changing since then, much open and fair privacy policy; most major sites provide user notification on changes to privacy policy.

We believe the challenge for ecommerce is to build users trust in privacy policy. Shopping site must make their privacy policy handy for users, accessible from any page on the site.  It must clearly address legal requirement and include any geographical specifics.  Users should have the choice on allowing or not, information collected to be used or shared in any manner different from the original purpose.

Users should be able to contest and or provide input on any point of the privacy policy. Company should commit and apply procedures in their policy on how, what and usage of information they gather from their users. Enforcement mechanisms should be put in place internally, in addition to existing legal provision, to protect against unfair and abusive usage of users data.

At TempCart, we have a clear and precise privacy policy, click here to see the document. We review the document and procedures on a regular basis to make sure that we remain compliant with ethics and legal law in all geographical location where we serve users. We also review our privacy policy internally to make sure our employee and internal applications remain compliant with existing rules to protect user’s data.

At TempCart we do not share or sell users data with any third party. Our sellers don’t have access to buyer information; they don’t see buyer real name, email address, physical address, credit card information or any shopping record.

We strongly believe that the entire ecommerce community will benefit from a strong culture of privacy policy and procedures. A privacy policy that is clear, fair gives users a choice and is compliant with legal and ethics provisions.  Progress is ongoing in the right direction.

Since the nineties, privacy and trust organizations exists with the most influent being, the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation), the Better Business Bureau and the WebTrust in Canada. These entities have been doing a lot of work in education, development, monitoring and support of good privacy policy practices on the internet.

Your privacy is very important to us

Your privacy is very important to us

As a result of a better understanding, practice and enforcement of privacy policies, ecommerce will continue to grow by empowering more people to shop online.