I was talking the other day with a friend of mine I haven’t seen in a long time. During the “what are you working on” segment of our conversation I talked about TempCart.com, how it saves people money when they shop online.

That is when I found out that my friend did not do much shopping online; he likes to walk into store, pick what he wants and feel it in his hands before making a purchase. I felt the duty to convince him to shop more online.

I think there are great advantages of shopping online, particularly during this hard felt recession.

I think I was able to change my friend view on online shopping a bit, I convinced him to post few buy offers on TempCart.com.

I am going to share my argumentation on why it is an all win option to shop online. I you are thinking like my friend, here is why you should trade the feeling of your stuff in your hands to simply shop behind your computer.

1- Things are overall cheaper online

Stretch your money with TempCart

Stretch your money with TempCart

Most Sellers store no inventory, which translate into lower cost of doing business for them. They can afford to sell cheaper from a website.

You incur overhead cost when you drive, take a bus, the train or a taxi to a store in gas money or fare price.

2- It’s faster to shop online

With the help of search engines and comparison shopping sites it’s much easier to find a product or its comparable.

It takes time to go to the store, search from one aisle to another then wait in line at the register

3- More selection of product online

Most shopping web site let you browse the product inventory in few minutes. More than often Buyers will end up buying an item different from what they initially wanted. Buyers will change their mind as they see different designs and brands; with a larger selection it’s easier to do that.

4- It’s easier to find what you want online

If you don’t have a particular brand or design of a product you want in mind, search engines makes its quick and easy to find stuff base on the need you have. In store shopping will require you to know what store sells the item you want. Not all stores sells “dehumidifiers”, a quick search online will churn out dozens of choices.

5- Online, you get educated quickly on the product you want to buy

You’re less likely to thoroughly read the manual once you get the stuff at home.  When shopping online buyers mostly decide to buy a brand or model because of its specifications.  This makes it likely that they will get a good knowledge of what they want before checkout.

The more you know about your product the better use you make of it. When used properly an item will last longer, which means you won’t need to replace it soon.

6- You get User ratings online

The feedback you get from talking to customers in store, if you get the chance to do so, are nothing like what  you can get from shopping sites. Most online feedback is anonymous meaning that the author is not under any pressure to tell his mind. Many studies show that under anonymous, people are more likely to be truthful about their feeling and experience about a particular product.  Feedback is a major decision factor in the buying decision of online shoppers, they help provide a close to helpful advice on quality, usability and durability of a product.

It all comes down to cost, during a recession that is a major parameter in our buying decision. Shopping online help buyers save money while getting the best bang for their buck.

TempCart takes the shopping experience one step further by putting the freedom to name the price in the hand of buyers, allowing buyer to actually ask for sale instead of waiting for sales.