This long lasting recession has brought to light what the experts call “recession shoppers”.

Recession shoppers are defined by few words: caution and savings; study shows that this trend will last even after the economy has improved.

Recession shoppers are found both at online and offline retail, this poses a new challenge to sellers who must find ways to adapt or die.

Recession shoppers want value not just discounts; research shows that folks spent more time browsing the web for the best bang for their buck. They are no more willing to settle for cheap stuff according to a report by MarketingVOX

Here are few numbers from the report:

•72% of value hunters seek the best value, regardless of brand
•51% pursue incentives, such as reward points or free shipping
•63% have purchased something online they wouldn’t have normally because of a special offer
•68% of online shoppers perceive “value” as online coupons and special promotions
•45% of value hunters buy something once a week or more over the ‘net
•47% of online shoppers prefer shopping online to shopping in-store
•22% of shoppers plan to make more purchases online this year compared to last year

One shining light of hope for online sellers if the 47% who prefers to shop online than in-store. This shows that growth for online shopping remains steady. The challenge for sellers is to give buyer more room in his quest for quality shopping.

As online buyers become more knowledgeable of what they want, it is a point of opportunity for seller to engage them.

Recession shoppers are still shoppers, which mean they buy stuff. The dynamics of selling is evolving quickly; it is up to smart sellers to become “recession sellers”.