A lot of shopping happen online today, according to Forrester research, online shopping was 11 percent of all shopping last year (2010) with projection of about 8 percent of all retail sales by 2014. These number show that online shopping represents a huge chunk of where people buy stuff. At TempCart believe there’s room and mechanism to grow the industry even more.

With TempCart we are introducing the concept of On demand deal to ecommerce, we think it is a concept that can help boost online shopping. How does that work?

Have you ever stumbled across sales that just ended? People are forced to postponed buying things that they need because it is listed at a higher price than what was previously advertised. It’s not fair to buy the same product as others for a higher price. So most of us just postpone the purchase; keeping our money rather than making a painful buy.

With TempCart we plan to change that, TempCart allows Buyer to post “BuyOffer” of items you want to buy and the price you want to pay. We believe serious seller will compete to give you a deal and make you a happy shopper. No needs to simply wait for the next sale after you’ve missed one.

Sellers win too; most buyer that post items on TempCart are ready to buy. So TempCart brings real buyer to the platform where sellers can pick and chose. TempCart help sellers close sales faster and so help grow the bottom line.